Vegetarian Recipe

How to Make Potato Gnocchi Vegetarian Recipe?

We are going to explain step by step how to prepare at home potato gnocchi (gnocchi). A vegetarian recipe with just 2 ingredients: potatoes and wheat flour. Our proposal is that ye shall do them in your kitchen with good company. It is an appropriate recipe to introduce children taste the cuisine and involve them in the development of their own food.

Difficulty: 1 h

How to make vegetarian recipe potato gnocchi Vegetarian Recipe

Move forward in a healthy diet, take care of food allergies or engage in veganism should be read, not just books, also tags. There are some products on the market whose labels we read often, almost like “trying their luck”. One of these prepared foods is the gnocchi, which almost always carry an egg. Then we discovered that many traditional recipes are often vegan recipes on its origin. For this, we just need potatoes and flour. In conclusion: our decision is to cook at home easily, no egg and no milk gnocchi.

Make homemade gnocchi does so long, especially if we take the potato cooking time to prepare the sauce. In addition, it is recommended to have our sauce before cooking the gnocchi. Heats very quickly and thus, according to draw them will put them in the sauce, avoiding dry. In the case of not to list our sauce when we have already cooked the gnocchi, the best thing is, once drained, add them with a splash of oil and will remain hydrated.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 500 g. of potatoes
    150 g. of flour of wheat
    your favorite sauce (pesto vegan, for example)
    How to make egg-free potato gnocchi

Vegetarian Recipe Baking Potatoes

Baking the potatoes put to heat a pot of water, calculating that the potatoes must be covered. When it begins to boil we will miss the potatoes with skin (so not be undone). You must cook them about 40 minutes more or less (depending on its size). They must be thoroughly cooked, what we will check by clicking a knife.

Once cooked, Peel the still hot potatoes. If you leave them to cool Peel worse.

We pass the potatoes cooked by a pressure, a potato masher or similar. We can also shred finely with a grater and make them mash with a fork. This step is important so that the mass of our potato gnocchi is good homogeneous.

Add the flour little by little as we mix the dough. When you have added all the flour well until a uniform texture.

Is the form of the cylinder to the dough and let it rest 10 minutes covered with a clean cloth.

Preparation of vegans (no egg) potato gnocchi

Floured surface will cut off pieces of the dough and make long cylindrical strips of 1 finger width.

Cut the strips to a distance of about 2 cm to make each “gnocchi”.

Finally, we can give you the traditional way with the help of a fork. One way is to simply mark them with a few stretch marks on the table. Another way is to take each gnocchi and pass them one by one while we turn it over the teeth of the fork. In this way, they will have a hole on one side and stripes on the other. The reason for these brands is to allow that the sauce is better to soak in the gnocchi. In Italian kitchens often present a hash table to facilitate this work.

Vegetarian Recipe Cooking Tips

The potato gnocchi cooking: put to heat water in a pot and when boiling add the gnocchi. If the Pan is not large enough, will have to do it in batches. When they begin to float will be ready, so we will be removing them with the help of a slotted spoon and add the next batch if this is the case.

We add the warm sauce and serve immediately.

Comments to the recipe

How to make vegan potato gnocchi: vegetarian recipe
the recipe has no salt because the sauce that we use to bathe the gnocchi already will be salted to taste.

I always find it funny to see go out and float from the bottom of the pot the potato gnocchi, emerging to the surface and saying “I already want to leave, I’m ready”.

As you know we are true worshippers of the vegan potato recipes, as much by the almost limitless potato, as by his humility. For this reason the gnocchi, we love since their origin is, as it happens in other many traditional recipes, very humble. Despite his Italian proceded are very consumed in countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, where there is the tradition of eating them the 29th day every month. The gnocchi is a very economical meal that fits well with the end of the month when costs have left us a very small margin to reach the next pay.