Pancake Bacon Dippers

Pancake Bacon Dippers For Breakfast

Breakfast for dinner? Try pancake bacon dippers, a hearty treat for your kids on a cool winter’s day. This is a great choice for anyone who likes to feed his or her bacon habit all day long.

The instructions are simple and will be definitely learned in just one simple cooking session.

Breakfast for Dinner: Pancake Bacon Dippers RecipePancake Bacon Dippers

To start, merely cook up your bacon as you would on any other occasion, making the brands as crisp as your taste deserves. Then create the pancake batter, either from a pre-made mix of from scratch, whichever you prefer.

That done, pour the batter in neat strips a bit bigger than the size of a strip of bacon on your griddle and top that base with a piece of the bacon you previously prepared. Then pour additional batter over the top of the bacon and cook until the batter turns a golden color.

Then flip, doing the same on the other side. Be sure the color is golden and you’ll be golden too.

And there you have it: Pancake bacon dippers that are best eaten warm with butter and maple syrup.

Talk about the best treat possible when you’re looking for the answer to what to make when breakfast for supper is meant to satisfy before bedtime. Think of these special treats as the bacon version of a crepe or the pancake version of a hand-held treat.

Breakfast for Dinner: Pancake Bacon Dippers: RecipePancake Bacon Dippers 1

Some of your friends will call this American dim sum while others may just want to keep this recipe secret. Until your kids spread the news around about their favorite food item, not just for breakfast, but for supper, dinner, and even lunch.

Actually, especially for lunch when it’s a snow day and you don’t have the patience to go, gourmet. But you want to ensure your family is going to eat hardy while munching on a meal that definitely isn’t going to be served in any old school cafeteria.

And so, as pancake bacon dippers are introduced to your table, why not invite the neighbor kids? They’ll be happy you did, and you will, too.

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