Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Cooking up a storm and looking for easy ways to cut back the fat without the flavor? The easiest way to drop weight is to take small steps. Setting realistic goals helps hugely, changing your lifestyle with minor changes will ensure that the weight stays off permanently.

Pick one or do all  to lose even more weight!

1. Stop Using Condimentslose weight

Other than mustard, which has a low-calorie count, most condiments are pretty caloric. If you were to cut out ketchup, mayonnaise and other calorie-laden condiments you would cut out 3 lbs a year (if you’re eating them daily).

2. Walk It Off

You can burn roughly 90 calories for each mile you walk. Of course the heavier you are the more calories you burn. If you were to walk 1 more mile a day by the end of the year you would easily shave off 9-10 lbs.

3. Cut Out Soda

It’s so delicious, but the average soda drinker goes above the 8 oz. serving and consumes an additional 200 calories a day drinking soda. Snap out of your daily fix and cut out the caloric intake of 15lbs/year.

4. Sleep More

You burn more calories when sleeping than you do just laying around during the day. Not only do you burn more calories, but your appetite is decreased during the day when you have adequate rest and your brain is sharper.

5. Ditch Dessert

This is obvious, we know, but what if instead of eating dessert on a daily basis you saved it for special occasions? Perhaps you could squelch your craving by grabbing an extra piece of fruit or picking up a new hobby. Eating a serving of dessert on a regular basis is the equivalent of 30+lbs a year.

6. Jumping Jacks

Melt off 4lbs this year by kick starting your day with 5 minutes of jumping jacks.

7. Drink Less Beer

Having just one beer a day for an entire year can add an additional 47,000 + calories to your yearly intake. This also goes for those of us that may have 3 beers on the weekend and less during the week. If you can cut back on drinking you can eliminate up to 15 lbs a year if you’re a regular drinker.

8. Stretch

If you can spare an additional 15 minutes of your day to stretch. Not only will you sleep better and improve body function, you can burn nearly an extra 10,000 calories a year.

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