Healthy Vegetarian Recipes


Core Tips: the vegetarian is susceptible to anemia if they regard the vegetables and fruits as the meal without any meat which will lead to the lack of iron elements.

Many white-collars, in order to keep up with fashion to stay in shape, just eat fruit as meals instead of meat daily. The experts say that only eating fruit is difficult to ensure adequate intake of iron. Although some vegetables contain iron, which after all, is less than that in the meat; meanwhile, plant, containing oxalic acid, phytic acid, phosphoric acid and dietary fiber, can also affect the absorption of the iron, namely the absorption rate was the tenth of that of the meat. Usually eating fruit is good to keep the inorganic salt, but fruit lacks in iron, calcium and so like. People who regard vegetarian food as a meal are susceptible to anemia.People who regard vegetarian food as a meal are susceptible to anemia

Dietary recommendations:

Carrots: Carrots contain a high content of vitamin B, C and a special nutrient – carotene. whether juice or soup, it is a kind of good tonic food.

Dried Radish: The most obscure and the cheapest is the best healthy food. It is extremely rich in vitamin B and iron.

Black beans: people since ancient times have always believed that to eat beans is beneficial. The black beans can produce blood. And people can eat them with their preferences. For the women who have just given birth to a baby, it is recommended to stew black beans with the Silky.

Spinach: This is the most common vegetable. It is well-known for blood. It is also rich in iron-carotene, which can be regarded as an important food in the vegetables for blood.

Higher seaweed: seaweed contains more iron.The soup with seaweed can add the content of the blood.

Longan meat: it also contains vitamins A, B, glucose, sucrose, etc. In addition, it is also good for the treatment of forgetfulness, heart palpitations, neurasthenia and insomnia except the addition of the blood.

Gluten: it is rich in iron.

Day Lily: its iron is 20 times more than that of spinach. Also, it contains rich vitamins A, B1, C, protein, fat and some nutrients.

Black date: The black date and dried dates not only contain rich iron but also are rich in vitamin C which can promote the iron absorption. But dry dates, rich in dietary fiber, are not easy to absorb.