Healthy Eating

How Can You Eat Right?

So many people are confused about what healthy eating means. Well, you will read some of the best tips about the healthy eating plan. Many people think if they eat low-fat foods or diet foods, that means healthy eating, but that is really nowhere near enough. In fact, they may even be counterproductive as many of these foods are actually unhealthy foods – loaded with refined sugar or artificial sugar, or other chemicals that can damage your health and actually make you gain weight! But in any case, healthy eating is much more than that. It does not necessarily mean the same thing for everyone, but there are some good guidelines that can apply to most of us.

Healthy Eating = Healthy Weight

But clearly many people are not eating healthy, as so many Americans today are overweight or even obese, and these people all have higher rates of many diseases. This include:

Healthy Eating and Reducing Diabetes

Many studies show that eating too many carbohydrates and too many sweets is linked to getting Type II diabetes. In fact, so is obesity, but the opposite is also true – obese people with type II diabetes have been known to get rid of diabetes simply by losing enough weight. This may seem strange, but there are some indications that fat cells tend to be more resistant to insulin than other cells, like muscle cells. So someone with a lot of fat cells may have more glucose remaining in the blood. instead of it getting into the cells. In addition to causing high blood sugar, this causes fatigue, as the sugar does not get into the cells like it should.

Also, fat cells themselves seem to create inflammation in the body, which causes additional problems like those related to heart disease. So losing weight can really be beneficial for your health, and healthy eating can help you to have a healthy weight.

So, lots of us know that being overweight is very bad for our health, and who wants to be overweight? Then why do Americans, along with many other people around the world, keep getting fatter? Did you know that 20 years ago there wasn’t even one state in the country with obesity rates over 15%? But today (based on 2008-2010 stats), there isn’t even one state whose obesity rate is below 15%!! This site will also help you to discover the answer to this question, why we are getting fatter, and may help you to finally take control of your weight!

Your Healthy Eating Plan

Even more important, healthy eating leads to a healthy body, so read on! Everyone should have a Healthy Eating Plan, so they know at least what they are going to try to eat. This website is going to help you put together this plan. To help you do that, first we’re going to discuss Healthy Foods and why we think you should include them in your diet.

Then Unhealthy Foods – many of these are foods people think they should be eating, especially if they want to lose weight, but we’re going to explain why you might want to cut these foods out of your diet. Then we talk about Superfoods and give you some Weight Loss Tips to make it easier for your to reach your weight goals.

Then we put it all together: A Healthy Diet for Life, and talk about healthy foods that can help us with detox: The Everyday Detox Diet – crucial in our world today that is filled with synthetic chemicals. Last, but not least is our Resource Page to help you with products and recipes to implement your Healthy Eating Plan.