Chicken Salad Recipes

Chicken Salad RecipesChicken Salad Recipes

I honestly believe there are more Chicken Salad Recipes than there are chicken recipes. Is that possible? If it is there’s a reason. Chicken salad is just downright good.

Chicken salad is usually relegated to being made from leftover chicken. But it’s my contention that it’s so doggone good it’s worth cooking chicken just for making chicken salad.
Chicken Salad Recipes: Chicken salad has more going for it than just good taste. It’s also a very healthy dish. Depending on the recipe it contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Everything you need for a healthy meal. It’s also an extremely easy dish to prepare. With most chicken salads you can be enjoying a healthy and delicious meal in less than 15 minutes.

Components Of Chicken Salad Recipes

Basically, chicken salad consists of three components. First and foremost is the chicken. After all, it wouldn’t be the chicken salad without chicken. The chicken provides high quality, low-fat protein.

Chicken Salad Recipes

The second component is vegetables, fruits or nuts. Chicken salad gains flavor and texture contrast from these additions. They also add vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.

The final component of a salad is the dressing. A good salad dressing is a glue that brings the salad together.

A mayonnaise type dressing is typical but dressings can be as varied as the salad itself.

Salad dressing can add health benefits to the salad as well.

The Chicken for Chicken Salad

Like I said most chicken salad is made from leftover chicken. The salad is a darned good use for leftover chicken and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Salad made from leftovers will naturally take on the flavor of the chicken dish the leftovers are from. With all the flavors of rotisserie chicken available in the groceries, you can have an infinite variety of salads.

I’ve even made chicken salad from leftover fried chicken. Just peel away the skin and crust and then remove the chicken meat.

The texture of the salad is affected by the preparation of the cooked chicken. You can shred it, dice it or even grind it. All methods have a place.

The proportion of chicken to other ingredients also has a bearing on the outcome of the salad.

My personal preference is to have the salad at least 50% chicken. You can have different ratios but you need at least enough chicken so you can call it chicken salad.

Last but not least you need a good recipe. I feel the recipes listed here are among the best chicken salad recipes available.